Current Favorites: Boyfriend Jeans

Do you ever hear a song you like so much that you start listening to it on repeat for days on end? I have a tendency to do the same thing; only instead of jams on the radio it’s regalia in my closet. Maybe it’s a honeymoon-stage obsession with a brand-new buy, or else an old piece simply worn in a fresh way; regardless, once I fall in love with a particular set of threads it suddenly becomes all I want to think about wearing. Ergo, I’ve decided to introduce a new segment to genuinejen: “Current Favorites”! As you may already suspect from the title, this will be a space in which I proclaim the many accolades of my item-on-repeat of the moment (You did deduce this from the title? Whoa there, you’ll put Sherlock out of a job!). I’m super stoked to start sharing with you A Few of My Favorite Things!*

*que Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp Family Singers


For edition no.1 of my Current Favorites, I’m going with the classic boyfriend jean. Boyfriend jeans have the instant effect of giving any outfit an ~effortlessly cool~ vibe, which is pretty much the Holy Grail of style goals. It appears at once as though you know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion, while also giving the impression that you didn’t have to try. Boyfriend jeans (and their closely-related cousin, Vintage Denim) have been around basically forever, long enough to be have entered into the sartorial Hall of Fame as classic must-haves. But for as basic of a fashion item as they are, it can be remarkably difficult to find a good pair. Boyfriend jeans must be the right wash: medium to light is the goal. They must be distressed, so as to avoid looking too polished. They also cannot fit tight like skinny jeans (this is essential, or else the whole point of the look of boyfriend denim is ruined); however, they also cannot be so loose as to unflatteringly hide one’s shape entirely. And, even if the jeans are new, they cannot look new. On top of all of this, it goes without saying that the jeans must be of excellent material (100% cotton is ideal), to ensure that they fit perfectly and wear even better.


With all of these guidelines and so many different pairs of denim out there to try on, it can be challenging to find the right pair. After much searching, I was finally fortunate enough to find my own pair from Lucky Brand. It was love at first sight. I wear them more than any other pants in my wardrobe. They look great worn with just a plain ol’ T, or a feminine blouse paired with heels, or a menswear shirt, or a blazer and heeled booties…etc, etc. Basically, you can’t go wrong with boyfriend denim.


My #ootd ft. boyfriend denim is a classic formula ensemble that has stood the test of time: boyfriend jeans + plain V-neck T + blazer. Throw in a pair of heeled booties, and you’re ready to walk out the door oozing that je ne sais quois of the easy panache of boyfriend denim.


P.S: Now that you’ve hear all about my obsession of the moment, I want to know: what’s yours? Comment below to chat about your favorite piece in your wardrobe!

COVER PHOTO OUTFIT DETAILS – Blazer: Halogen (via Nordstrom); Top: BP Nordstrom; Pants: Lucky Brand; Shoes: BP Shoes, Nordstrom; Purse: Coach

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